Enhanced filters and search for admins


All fields that are enterable should be searchable for admins (e.g. references).


2 years ago


You can now filter better through your feedback 🚀

Here's a quick rundown of what you can now do:

  • Status: Want to see just the completed posts or roadmap ones? Filter by status.
  • Tabs: Organizing your workflow? You can now filter posts based on specific tabs.
  • Created At: Choose posts created before, after, or between specific dates.
  • Title: Trying to find a post but only remember part of the title? Use the title filter.
  • Category: On the lookout for posts in a certain category? We’ve got a filter for that.
  • Votes: Looking for the most upvoted or least upvoted posts? Use the Min and Max votes filters.
  • References: If you're after posts that have specific references, you can filter them now too.

Just head over to the post list and you'll find these shiny new filters at the top.

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8 months ago

philippe ruaudel

Yes, I use reference for application version builds. It will be great.

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2 years ago