[FEATURE] GIF Picker (giphy, tenor, etc)

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The Pitch
Alright, I'll say this behalf on everyone. Everyone loves adding GIFs. GIFs bring out the real mood, a form of expressionism as some might call it. You know what they say? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Why It's Needed
GIFs are essential for communication, but I can understand not everybody needs them. Let's say you just released a big gigantic feature for your product, and want an image to fit the mood? Open the embedded GIF picker and add one, simple as that.

Not everyone needs GIFs. A GIF picker should be disable able, whitelistable, blacklistable, and only display non NSFW content. Productlift has markdown support, right? This means a little image tag, with a URL from respective GIF api, and your good to go! Most product board solutions don't even have this feature. Canny? nope! Productboard? nope! Aha!? nope! This would be a great feature to extend customer communication. Teams too! Who knows, maybe even Robert from IT wants to send a GIF!


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Thanks for your request! Nice pitch 😀
This is added to Boei’s wish list. New integrations and features are being planned and built from that wishlist. We will look at the number of votes an idea has and prioritize based on that.

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