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Yannick Guerdat

Based on the concepts of agility and in particular SCRUM project management, as long as we can score a development in terms of resources, I think it would be interesting to carry out a planning poker with a group of users (user commission). This would make it possible to link the Roadmap with customer wishes.

We are currently using Planning Poker Online to carry out this operation. But if we could have it in the product (we would have to add a user right), it would be great.

An integration with an external tool can do the job too...

1 year ago

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1 year ago


Thanks for your idea! This is added to our wish list. Interesting!
Let's see what others are thinking 😀

Btw. I always used a mobile phone app for Planning Poker, but maybe it is different for virtual teams.

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Yannick Guerdat

We do it remotely with a team of 11 people. The idea is to calculate automatically the number of points and have a single interface that display the proposal and the game.

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