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Yannick Guerdat

It would be great to be able to display the values: Business value / Technical investment in the proposal listing.

This would allow customers to see how complicated a task is. When this value is known, the vote can potentially change a lot.

It would also be very interesting to be able to sort and export all the proposals in order to play them in the planning poker and then inject the "business value" data again in the platform once voted.

1 year ago

Ruben changed status to Gathering votes

1 year ago


Thanks for your idea! This is added to our wish list. I doubt though that displaying the values for customers would be helpful. But it should be visible for admins.

For admins, you can get a sweet overview to prioritize posts using the prioritization matrix:
I would recommend to use that during planning poker.

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Yannick Guerdat

Yeah if the team of users who are playing see them, it's enough for me.

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