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Allow categories to be a single character → I feel that this is a bug more than a feature request, b/c I can't add some categories with just one emoji.

I can use a single emoji: ❇️ or ✴️ but I can't use ⚡ or 🚀 or many other single emoji's as the title for a category. The reason I wanted to do this is b/c some of our category names are just too long.

Sometimes a category name might be too large and you want to abbreviate it with an emoji. In this case I would create a "Legend/Key" that says what each emoji represents. Note this images for reference:

Another option, which could be even better, would be to allow us to have a "display name/symbol" option which would allow us to keep the category what it is actually called, and then create an abbreviated title or emoji, etc. to simplify how it appears within each tab... so the longer titles don't take up so much space.

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