Vote on ideas without an account

🛠 Planned

It would be great to allow anonymous users to vote for ideas (configuration option). This can help increase adoption.

A cookie should save the ideas that are voted on. In case someone wants to become a user, then their votes are confirmed on those ideas.

1 year ago

Rodrigo Martins

When will this feature be implemented. Is urgent. Very important. It's already open for 1 year.

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Naveen Bala

This is really a great feature as it can help to understand the viewpoint of large audiences.

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Yannick Guerdat

Because our community is limited to our members only, this feature has no interest for us, but I understand the need.

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This is useful for users who are too lazy to sign for an account..

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Went to vote on this and was prompted with an account signup box. How ironic.

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Ruben changed status to 🛠 Planned

1 year ago

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